Situated Technologies Pamphlets 3: Situated Advocacy

A special double issue featuring the essays:
Community Wireless Networks as Situated Advocacy
- Laura Forlano and Dharma Dailey
Suspicious Images, Latent Interfaces
- Benjamin Bratton and Natalie Jeremijenko

Advocacy is the act of arguing on behalf of a particular cause, idea or person, and addresses issues including self-advocacy, environmental protection, the rights of women, youth and minorities, social justice, the re-structured digital divide and political reform.

This pamphlet considers how situated technologies have been—or might be—mobilized toward changing and/or influencing social or political policies, practices, and beliefs. What new forms of advocacy are enabled by contemporary location-based or context-aware media and information systems? How might they lend tactical support to the process of managing information flows and disseminating strategic knowledge that influences individual behavior or opinion, corporate conduct or public policy and law?

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